Madagascar Memories Series: Working Under the Waves

“The first time you descend underwater, the one thing that no one prepares you for, is the quiet. The bubbles clear. You adjust your kit that is now inexplicably lopsided or un-tucked. A quick clear of the mask, and then, silence. And the scene in front of you rocks into focus. Waves of colour. LayersContinue reading “Madagascar Memories Series: Working Under the Waves”

Madagascar Memories Series: Finding Home

It’s impossible to visit Nosy Komba and not fall in love with the life and the people there. This time of great change and uncertainty in the world has me thinking about “home” and what that word means to me. It has me thinking about people, humanity and connection.  This is a glimpse into theContinue reading “Madagascar Memories Series: Finding Home”

Introducing Project Komba

Everything you need to know about Project Komba, the team behind it, and how you can make a difference for communities living on Nosy Komba. Madagascar is a place of incredible people and undeniable beauty. But it also comes with more than its fair share of struggles. According to data from the World Bank, Madagascar,Continue reading “Introducing Project Komba”

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