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About Antsika

Antsika. In Malagasy, it means “us.” That is how great things are achieved, how the best parts of humanity show through. Together. In a worldwide crisis as now with COVID-19, where do you start? How do you help your fellow human beings? You start by coming together. You alone cannot help everyone, but you can help someone. And together, we can help many more. 

Antsika is a group of five like-minded individuals with a shared passion for helping people and the planet. Though now scattered in several countries around the world, we met in Madagascar while working together on community and conservation projects through Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute (MRCI). Antsika developed Project Komba to help support the diligent, hard-working people of Nosy Komba during this unprecedented global crisis. 

Special thanks to: Sean Parker, a former MRCI volunteer who donated his time and expertise to design our beautiful logos; Paola Ramirez, former MRCI Marine Volunteer, for hosting Komba Quiz.

About Project Komba

Communities on Nosy Komba have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Many can’t work, are surviving on reduced or no wages, and have no access to vital health services, support from their government, or resources needed to protect themselves from the virus. It’s been tough, and with the impacts of COVID-19 on international tourism and trade expected to be long-lasting, things could get even worse. 

Project Komba are raising essential funds to provide struggling communities on Nosy Komba with financial support. Our $10,000 target will allow Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute  to provide financial support to 65 households for four months, and buy rice for even more. 

It’s a huge undertaking, and we can’t do it alone. We need you to make Project Komba a success.

Meet the team

Beth Evans – Project Manager at Child.org; former Terrestrial Science Officer at MRCI.

Niamh Flynn – Freelance Community Development Project Manager; former Community Programme Manager at MRCI.

Kristina Graves – Woodland Creation Officer at Ribble Rivers Trust; former Terrestrial Science Manager at MRCI.

Lucy Prescott – Environmentalist specialising is sustainable solutions for people and planet & published author; former Director of Operations at MRCI.

Emily Whitton – Registered Dietitian and returned Peace Corps Volunteer; former Director of Operations at MRCI.

“The Malagasy people changed our lives. We come together now in the midst of this global pandemic to return that love and impact their lives in some small way.”

Emily Whitton, Antsika

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